6 Beauty Secrets I Learned From Olivia Palermo


Model and professionally well-dressed person Olivia Palermo has joined forces with UK beauty brand Ciate London to create arguably the only three nail polish shades needed for summer: creamy pink, blood red, and beach coral.

“Red is the color I wear every day,” says Palermo, who has ‘Hutch,’ a glossy crimson with blue undertones, on her nails when we meet at The Crosby Hotel. “Since it’s summer, I just wanted colors to pop on a skin tone.”

There’s a reason why Palermo’s signature rich-girl style inspires millions of copycats, and I’m not immune. “What do you usually do?” she asks, eyeing my hands. The usual is chipped, but I choose ‘Hutch’ as well. “You’ll feel like a new person,” she says, while a manicurist paints my nails.

Beyond her signature red polish, Palermo shares her thoughts on loyalty, nail art, and the best mascara ever.

On upkeep:

“I’ve been getting manicures and pedicures since I was very, very young. In New York you have one on every block, and my mom would go every other week to get a manicure and pedicure, and always only red. It must’ve been Revlon. They didn’t have the amazing nail colors they have now and the polishes. So I just went with her and got my nails done. Way before Kindergarten. I get it done every four or five days.”


On loyalty:

“I am totally religious and loyal [to my salon] and I’m their oldest client; i-Plaza right in Tribeca. The son has opened up another store right around the corner called M-Spa, and you feel like you’re in a Swedish spa. It’s very cool, they play house music, but it’s all the same ladies from the other location, so all friendly faces.”

On minimalism:

“The way the French do a manicure, it’s not exactly exciting, and the actual French manicure itself—no. Just stick with a nude. It’s just dated. A lot of trends come back and forth, but it’s one of those things like crystal jeans, I’m not sure it’s going to come back so quickly.”

On matching:

“My hands and feet are always matching. The only time they’re not is maybe for a day, or half a day if I don’t have time to do both, and I know I’m going to have my toes covered. I like the consistency. Although, when I see a woman with darker on her toes and then lighter on her hands it looks chic, but then when I try it I just look like…not so sure.”

On lips:

“I love a great matte red lip. Sometimes if you have a tan I would suggest more of a coral because I think that’s nice. With a brighter lip, just keeping it as minimal as possible and just a little lash.”

On the perfect mascara:

“I’ve used Diorshow for years, and Guerlain because they have a great wand.”