By the Numbers: The Need for a Fresh Look at Church Fundraisers


In 2011, US churches reported membership numbers down 1.15% and church giving declined by more than $431 million from total giving in 2010. Across the country, churches have felt the sting of downward shifts in charitable giving and church fundraiser participation. According to the National Council of Churches, the last 2 years have been especially harsh with church giving in 2012 dropping another $1.2 billion from total giving in 2011.


With this significant dip in traditional giving, the goal for most churches today is to find a way to combine the need for firsthand involvement of donors along with a guaranteed return on church fundraising ideas for non profits.

94% of all US churches have a weekly attendance of 500 members or less. Of those churches, 59% report a weekly attendance of 100 people or less. With smaller numbers of attendees, churches need a way to get every congregation member involved with their church fundraisers.