Discover Signature Activities to engage in at AYANA Lako di’a


Imagine all of Komodo’s must-sees and ought to-dos all in one place, inviting you to customize an interesting itinerary of onboard, island hopping, and marine sea activities such as scuba diving with manta rays that make one feel like they are in heaven on earth, or you are envisioning the most romantic and relaxing honeymoon conceivable, AYANA Lako di’a offers impeccably opportunity to recognize the Komodo destiny.

For starters one is assured of experiencing the multi-day live aboard adventures that are inclusive of world-class delicacies, air-conditioned suites and a personalized itinerary enveloped in AYANA’s hospitality.

Appointed with nine tasteful bedrooms to accommodate as much as 18 VIP guests, the getaway AYANA Lako di’a promises to decorate one’s holiday, as well as an ideal 5 star celebrity venue for weddings, honeymoons, personal celebrations, and company activities.

One may also choose the day tour packages for a shorter ride with AYANA’s aqua fleet to visit the charming island locations of Komodo, together with Komodo National Park, crimson sand beach, island hopping, traditional fishing village journey, or a sundown excursion to a floating island inhabited by way of hundreds of flying foxes.

Some of the unique fun activities to engage

·         A sailing adventure in the luxury cruise

This adventure package allows one to step aboard on their personal phinisi sailing yacht and permit the AYANA professional crew to convey you off to a multi-day getaway destination you desire.

The AYANA’s marine teams is very knowledgeable concerning the best marine and beach sports and are in the best position to personalize one’s extraordinary charter with scrumptious menus and luxurious accommodation. The bali cruise tour offers a memorable experience accompanied by warm and genuine hospitality aboard the AYANA Lako’dia.

·         The Spa escape at the sea

AYANA also offers pure indulgence to all its guests by reveling in within the comfort of their air-conditioned suite or in the open air of the boat, under dramatic sailing masts.

The SPA at AYANA takes the brand across the world award-winning approach of well-being and beauty to the ocean.

AYANA has a floating sanctuary skillfully designed to take your circle of relatives’ vacation, company event, or romantic interlude to greater heights. Enhanced with 100% botanical elements, gentle hand-spun linens, discreet therapists, and ancient holistic traditions all awaiting your spa get away at sea.

·         Onboard dining

Other hospitality establishments are taking every possible consideration in trying to copy AYANA’s award winning signature dining while at the sea.

At AYANA Lako di’a the guest is offered a complete daily menu ranging from very healthy international breakfasts to the indulgent European afternoon tea, all this being designed to enhance the visitors’ sailing charter.

Some of the VIP perks available include a fully-appointed bar and memorable venues which include a superbly decorated dining room and candlelit tables set opposite the ship’s dramatic masts.

·         Partake in floating cooking lessons

AYANA also presents their guests with an opportunity to fulfill their culinary interest in a unique cooking college that is aboard the AYANA Lako di’a. The elegantly appointed kitchen and the dining room are the most suitable spot to learn all the relevant archipelago’s special cuisines from AYANA’s own team of innovative chefs.

Here one is guaranteed to learn how to prepare new dishes with exotic ingredients obtained from across the Island. Afterwards, the guests are allowed to praise their efforts with a delicious domestic-cooked meal accompanied by their favorite beverage.


There’s no better time than the present to improve an upcoming wedding or a social event with an extraordinary cruising charter aboard AYANA Lako di’a.

If you have been looking to find a special sparkle to beautify your upcoming wedding or any event then the search is over. The AYANA Lako di’a sailing yacht is customized to suit your event’s needs, whether or not it is for some hours or days, AYANA’s team of employees are always ready to personalize the  guests’ sailing experience.