Everyday Applications for O Level Chemistry


Chemistry is used in almost everything. You can use chemistry to explain how things happen or why things happen. There are many advantages that chemistry gives us. There are a lot of things that are invented with the help of chemistry. Until now,so many things are analyzed using chemistry to improve it. People may never notice it but all around us are things composed of chemicals. These chemicals can either be helpful or harmful to you. Studying chemistry and doing good in O level chemistry will help you analyze if things around you can cause harm or do good. Here are some examples of everyday applications for O level chemistry:

Human Body

Your body works using chemicals. For example, oxygen. Oxygen is essential to our body, blood flows through our body to our brain because of oxygen. Did you know that your blood contains iron? There are many different elements that can be found in your body and they are important for you to function properly and for you to be alive. Human emotions also can be caused by chemical messengers known as neurotransmitters. You can feel envy, love, anger, infidelity and many more because of chemistry.


Have you ever wondered why cutting an onion makes you cry? Many people love onions. Onions are an essential ingredient that your mom uses in cooking. The chemical in the onion is making you cry because when you cut it, the cells break. Inside the cell is a gas that when you smell, it causes you to cry.


Chemistry will be able to explain to you why ice floats when placed in water. Have you ever noticed that when something freezes and placed in water it will sink,but ice floats? Try putting frozen meat in water and you will see it sink. This can all be explained by chemistry.


When you wash your hands, you use soap to make it clean. Did you know that the ingredients of soap are chemicals, animal fat and grimes? Sounds nasty but it is very effective in cleaning. Chemistry is behind this wonder. Chemistry will be able to explain how these chemicals work together to make you clean.


You use sunscreen every day. Using it is important to protect you from the sun. It keeps you from getting sunburn. Have you ever wondered how exactly does sunscreen lotion protect you? In order to have sunscreen, chemicals will be mixed together and getting the right amount and the right chemical is important. Chemistry makes this all possible.


Do you like eating bread? Have you ever wondered why baking soda and baking powder makes the bread rise? Baking powder and baking soda is essential in baking. It makes the bread rise for better texture and to make it soft. The rising of the bread is a chemical reaction from the baking soda or the baking powder. Chemistry is the reason why you eat delicious bread every day.


Polymer is what makes gelatin possible. The different fruit flavors that they create with different colors is really attractive. Some gelatin are made with fruits in them but did you know that there is a fruit that can ruin a gelatin formation? One example is a pineapple. It has chemicals that when put together with polymer, it will ruin the formation of gelatin.


Water quenches your thirst. It seems so pure, but did you know that water can go bad too? The same with food that can go bad after some time or if the storage is not done properly. The molecules of the food cause chemical reactions and it makes the food inedible. This is the same with water especially when it is in a plastic water bottle. The chemical reaction from the container and the water mixes together making the water go bad. Chemistry has an important role in explaining why water can go bad too.

Laundry Detergent

We use laundry detergents in washing our clothes but never in a dishwasher. There is an explanation why laundry detergent cannot be used in dishwashers. Chemistry will be good in explaining as to why a lot of foam will come out from your dishwasher if you put a laundry detergent instead of a dishwashing liquid. It provides an explanation on how laundry detergent helps you remove dirt and stain from your clothes as well.

You can learn all of this and how these happen by studying well in O level chemistry.