Fun Games To Play On A Minibus With Your Friends


When friends come together to plan a holiday,it’s meant to be a great bonding experience. Think about how social media has taken over the need for people to connect on a physical level with most people relying on podcasts and tablets to entertain themselves. Shouldn’t you think about seeing your friends in person, and doing fun things together?

Unfortunately, this has also affected most road trips where everyone seems to be buried on their smartphones during the journey, meaning friends don’t get to engage and interact as they should. If you are planning a road trip with your friends, why not get minibus hire that is able to comfortably accommodate all of you so that you can enjoysome fun activities during the trip? Here are some ideas for fun activities that you can do:

The Movie Game

In this game, a passenger will mention a famous actor and the rest of the passengers have to mention which movie they have starred in. If a passenger gets the movie right, they are awarded points and someone else has to mention another actor starred in the movie mentioned. The passengers again have to mention another movie the actor stars in and so the game continues. For example, someone will mention Elijah Wood. Another passenger will say “Lord of the Rings. Another” will mention Sean Austin who stars in the same movie and another will mention the movie “Rudy”.

“While You Were Sleeping”

This is a great game especially if you have a long distance to cover. This game is played every time a passenger falls asleep. The other passengers wait five  minutes after the passenger has fallen asleep and they begin creating a story. Each passenger takes a turn to add to the story and they have to make sure they don’t lose character else they lose a point.

Once the passenger is awake, you tell the story you created and you have to make it as believable as possible. If you manage to fool the passenger, every player gets three points. If the sleeping passenger manages to figure out parts of the story that are not true, he takes all the points of all the other passengers. At the end of the trip, the one with most points wins.

Battle Of The Bands

This is a popular game especially among teens who love music. The game starts with the group deciding on a theme let’s say songs about “love” or “cities”. The contestants then have 60 seconds to sing a song that falls into the specified category before his opponent picks his. These contestants go at each other until one backs out. This is a great way to involve all the passengers as they are allowed to sing along to songs they know – maybe even those songs that define your friendship!

Word Association

This is a fun game where passengers need to associate words and string them along as far they can. One person will mention a word and someone else has to pick a word that is associated to the word and so on. This continues until a passenger picks a word that is far out or says the wrong word. For example, the person who starts the game will mention Rome, another will pick Caesar, then empire, then TV and so on!

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