Purrrrfect Styling Tips From Fashion’s Hottest Felines


Fashion Week may be approaching, but today’s hottest style icons are too busy has-ing cheeseburgers and napping in the sun to care about your human runway shows. That’s right, fashion cats have taken the world—and our hearts—by storm with their “cature” clothes that make Louis Vuitton look like something left in the litter box. You may not have noticed, but these fashion-forward felines have not only rocked the latest trends, they started them. The detachable collar? Please, they’ve been doing that for years. We would be remiss if we didn’t dish on some style secrets from Fashion Cats by Takako Iwasa, starring Princess Prin and Prince Kotaro, and published by Vice. We’ve pulled some of our favorite looks from the book and offered up some tips on how to incorporate these ideas into your own outfits. From wedding ensembles to interview attire, click through for some truly unique styles that’ll have you scratching for a shopping trip.

Princess Kate may have worn a traditional McQueen dress to her wedding, but Princess Prin knows that your special day is all about glitz and glam. If your fur is white, then wearing a white wedding dress can seriously wash you out. Rather, matching bright-pink and floral frocks can be a great alternative that not only shows off your fun side, but also lets your husband know that you wear the pants (er, paws?) in this family. Cheer up, Prince!

If you do, however, want to stick to tradition, Princess Prin illustrates that styling white accessories with bright florals will give you just enough pop to keep your wedding ensemble from being boring.

In this courtly look, Prince Kotaro shows that a real man isn’t afraid of purple, frills, or flowers. Secure in his masculinity, he also dons a curly wig to bump up the aristocratic flare of the ensemble. And remember: When picking out a wig, make sure you find a color that matches some or all of your fur. You don’t want it to look painfully obvious that the hair isn’t natural, after all!

Interview outfits are always difficult, especially when you truly care about your own personal style. Pants are so passé, but you can’t go naked—that would be downright indecent. Here, Prince Kotaro shows off his detachable collar (this season’s hottest trend!) with a striped tie. The blue and red colors are conservative for any business office, so chose a tie that shows off a little bit of your personality!

Here is another classic look that demonstrates the very hip detachable collar. In this outfit, Princess Prin showing how it’s best to wear bold, tropical fabrics in small doses. The Panama hat is also a great summer accessory that not only keeps you cool, but also protects your head from harsh U.V. rays.

We all know that fashion is sometimes about taking risks and embracing change—for example, a smartly tailored suit can transform you from a shy, insecure girl to a powerful executive woman. Here, Princess Prin has chosen to show that sometimes, you want your clothing to transform you all the way into a different species. While cross-mammalian fashion isn’t yet widely accepted among the general population, the key here is confidence and letting your outfits express not only who you are, but who you want to be in the future.

Fall is fast approaching, so take the time now to shake out all of your outerwear and make sure you’re prepped for cooler weather. Tweed is a great transitional fabric, and Prin’s brilliant orange-red cape is the perfect hue for beating the winter blues. Make sure to always match your cape to your hat for a cohesive look that’ll turn heads as you walk down the street.
This is one of our favorite of Princess Prin’s look. You may think that it’s too obvious, but she’s simply showing that no matter how much of a fashionista you become, you sometimes have to pay homage to the great icons that came before you. After all, has there been a greater icon in cat fashion before Hello Kitty?
Don’t forget to sometimes embrace your cultural roots. Although both the Prince and the Princess hail from the planet Prin, they both have deep ties to Japanese culture, and obviously have a great respect for Japanese fashion. Look up some figures from your heritage, mythical or otherwise, and try to incorporate some of their style into your own. Here, Kotaro is paying homage to the legendary ogre-hunting warrior, Momotaro.