Things To Pack For A Road Trip In London


Planning for a road trip across London? London is one of the best locations to take a vacation. You can choose to have the experience by yourself but most people prefer going as a group either as a family or with friends. It is one thing to plan ahead which sites you will visit; it is another to be well prepared for the trip itself. If you are planning to go on a road trip in London, you should book coach charter in London to help you travel comfortably. This article will give you a few tips on what things to pack before embarking on your road trip to ensure you stay as comfortable and enjoy your vacation.

Warm Coat

If you have scheduled your trip around the cold season, then carrying a warm coat is a must. Ensure that the coats are knee high to keep you warm the entire trip. Pack a few more coats depending on the length of your vacation to ensure you are well covered the entire trip. Travel advisors in London recommend that you get wool coats which are well able to handle the low temperatures experienced in London.

Collapsible Umbrellas

Why collapsible umbrellas and not the manual ones? The reason you need collapsible umbrellas is because they are compact and they can easily fit in your bag. You should avoid bulky luggage when going for a road trip because they can be very cumbersome. Collapsible umbrellas also come in handy when you leave the vehicle for sightseeing since you can easily bring them along. Sightseeing may require you to carry along your camera and therefore you don’t need to have so many things that you have to carry at one time.

Skinny Jeans

Why skinny jeans are recommended is because they are light and they allow free movement. Heavy clothing makes movement hard especially if you are planning to go for a hike. You need to feel as light as possible to be able to enjoy the experience more. For men who don’t prefer skinny jeans, they can go for straight pants that are not baggy.


Boots are the most ideal footwear for people taking road trips. They can be worn both at the winter and summer seasons since they feel comfortable. Road trips entail rough terrain and you need to be well prepared to handle rough roads when need be. For women, ankle or mid-calf boots are recommended for these types of situations. They allow you to walk for long distances and at the same time they can be paired with skinny jeans to ensure you look fashionable.  There is no limit to which shoes you can wear as long as they comfortable.


In London, whether it’s warm or cold it is not peculiar to see everyone donning a scarf around their necks. Pack a few fashionable scarves you can carry with you to ensure you have enough to last you the entire trip.