Torre del Mar: What to do and Places to Visit


In this article, I would like to mention the beautiful coastal town of Torre del Mar, which is in the Axarquia region of Malaga.

This town is administratively attached to the territorial unity of the area, the town of Vélez-Málaga and in many contexts referring to Torre del Mar as a district of Vélez. Meanwhile, many residents of Torre del Mar not feel this way and want administrative independence, appearing some rivalry between the two villages, which crystallized into a political group.

If we leave these rivalries, which somehow exist only in the political field, we will find a beautiful tourist town with a lot to teach us.

Axarquia area has a very ancient history, being in prehistory, one of the last refuges of Neanderthals. Later, in ancient times was one of the areas most important Phoenician colonization of the Mediterranean, probably Torre del Mar and Velez were still sought the Phoenician city of Maneoba that records Carthaginians and Greeks.

However the first historical records of the city refer to X century fortress that protected the site and around it were the people of Miraya Ballis. This time is the ‘Torre Manganeta “, a small watchtower that even resists the test of time by the river.

The Arabs changed to make this initial tower in a castle with the conquest of the Christians in the fifteenth century changed hands. Mudejar Christian  times, we highlight the chapel next to the Ferris wheel.

The nineteenth century was born under the star of the sugar factory Larios family which is the same that produces the famous liquor. In honor of this factory was created the Sugar Museum, which teaches us life in the city in the nineteenth century.

Another interesting point is the beacon that has served for a long time the port city, now disappeared and is on the boardwalk

Today, little remains of this curious story, but remains elevated for an interesting tourist development that has given the city a high quality of hotels and hotel apartments Mainake and many second homes, making Torre del Mar, the place desired vacation for many people in Spain and part of Europe.

The beach of Torre del Mar is one of the busiest of Malaga, for their services as lifeguards, access for the disabled, and even daily cleaning public toilets free and especially for the excellent cuisine of the place and its bars. Specifically the fried fish are well known throughout the Sunshine Coast. The beach is about 2 miles dark sand like most of the sandy beaches of the coast of the Axarquia. The area along the river Vélez paste is occasionally used to do nudity.

Finally, if I had to pick a day to visit the city, certain that that day would be the night of St. John, on June 23, the most important festival of the city where all beachgoers torreños happen evening among friends.