9 Fashion Styles That BTS’s V Is Known To Effortlessly Rock


very BTS fan knows the evolution of V’s style: from cutting random holes and trimming the hems of his own clothes, styling his own airport outfits, to expanding his collection of his favorite high fashion designer brand, Gucci. What is also notable about V is that his style is both diverse and consistent at the same time. And everyone can tell that he doesn’t try too hard; he just has an innate sense of style and personality that comes out with every look. You just never know what trend you’ll see next from V, which is why a lot of style watchers and fans eagerly look forward to what he will wear next!

Here are some of his best styles both on and off-cam:

Bold and daring

V always seems to put a twist to his basics, especially with button-down shirts. Bold prints, florals, and interesting patterns — he’s worn them all! He’s also quite adventurous when it comes to styling, because even though he usually pairs these interesting polos with classic black pants, he’s not afraid to switch it up and wear them with another printed bottom.

When he’s not wearing his trendy button-downs, V looks fresh and sleek when he goes all classic

Cool and cozy

V likes playing with outerwear that makes him stand out. Who knew “grandpa knits” could look so updated? Or whoever thought that a cardigan, fringe, and butterfly patch jeans would go well together? When V puts his eclectic pieces to rest, he sticks to classic staples like an all-black long coat or lighter and more sophisticated neutral attire. That’s what makes his style often surprising and unexpected, because he can go both ends of the spectrum of modern and classic looks.

Speaking of outerwear, V looks happy while going all out in this animal print coat.

V seems to have laser-target eyes when it comes to spotting unique pieces

Prim and preppy

A crisp button-down, school-boy coats, patterned vests, and oversized eyeglasses are signature items that V wears for a refined look that is a mix of both street and preppy. It also goes well with his boyish charm and social butterfly personality.

Delicate and romantic

Ruffles, ribbons, and a flower neck accessory make V look like a romantic gentleman. He contrasts the flower pieces with blush overtones to make them stand out. When he’s onstage, his ruffled looks give him a dashing prince-like character.

Red and ready

Red is a bright color that not a lot of people can pull off but V is able to effortlessly incorporate this loud hue on cam or in his daily off-duty style.

Hand carry

If there’s anything that’s enviable in V’s closet, aside from his expensive designer threads, it’s his wide collection of clutches and bags that anyone will find stylish and practical. All of the bags he carries complement his outfits without overpowering his overall look.


Colored stripes

Another one of V’s go-to outfits is the French-style striped long-sleeves with a beret and baggy pants. He’s also not afraid to wear multi-colored stripes.

Gucci guy

By this time you’ve probably noticed one unifying theme in his outfits, if you can spot the iconic tiger, snake, or blue-and-green striped accessories, pieces, footwear, and fur slides by Gucci. He makes it look both casual and easy to wear. He’s definitely come a long way since the time he did DIY projects on his own shirts and jeans. He would make a great Gucci style ambassador if he’s not already one!

Playful head accessories

V tops off his looks with bandanas, sportbands, and berets which add a touch of playfulness to his outfits.

It’s all in the details

When it comes to V’s style, every detail counts. Like this plaid scarf worn over a yellow floral tie, his patterned button-down shirt, and that tiny embroidery on his black tie. It’s his little styling points which make a whole lot of difference. Who knows what other tricks he has up his sleeves?

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