How To Make A Kid’s Trip To Sydney More Enjoyable


The great weather in Sydney is a major bonus, which makes the city one of the best places to plan for a kids’ trip. There are beaches and national parks which make the city not too hot or too humid either and this makes an ideal place where the little people can explore. You don’t have to worry how the kids will move around since the city has one of the best Sydney coach bus hire services to ensure the young ones’ safety. We have compiled places where kids can visit around Sydney, where they can have tons of fun outdoors and venues they can go to when it’s raining.

Wild Life World

You can take the kids to the Wild Life World which is an indoor zoo that features Australian native animals. They can enjoy seeing and learning about kangaroos, koalas, emus, snakes, spiders, among other animals. This is a great destination especially if the weather is not too favorable. The kids will have tons of fun at the butterfly garden and they can take pictures with koalas to ensure they capture the beautiful moment.

Manly Cove Beach

The Manly Cove Beach is one of the best beaches and it makes a perfect spot where kids can visit and enjoy the sandy beaches. The beach has large pine trees which offer shade to the young ones during summer and there are a number of takeaway outlets to ensure they have enough to eat. The Manly Cove is famous for fairy penguins which the kids would be thrilled to see especially when  they get to see a visiting colony.

Royal National Park

Nothing gets kids all excited than a trip to a national park. The Royal National Park is a great spot where kids can enjoy outdoor activities as they enjoy nature walks.  In the park, kids can take a walk to the Gibraltar Rock which is large sandstone. This spot is great for holding picnics while kids enjoy the fantastic views around.

Plough and Harrow Park

This park holds one of the largest playgrounds in Sydney and it makes a perfect spot for kids of all ages. There are a lot of activities that kids can do some of which include: frame climbing, hamster wheel and flying fox for older kids. There is a special secluded area for toddlers in the park. There is a water park where kids can enjoy during summer and lots of shade spaces where they can hold picnics.

Grounds Keeper Café

This café is located right in the middle of Ryde Park and it is a popular joint for kids due to the extensive list of items on the menu that would end up in a kid’s wish list. The café serves kids’ delicacies which include chicken tenderloins, penne napolitana and cheese burgers. The café is built next to a basketball court and playground which makes it an ideal place for kids on a trip to take their lunch.

Whether you are Sydney residents or visiting, there are so many places that kids can enjoy visiting. If you are new to the city, the coach bus driver will be glad to show you places that kids will enjoy.