Men are no more shying away from men makeup and skincare products. Mens makeup can conceal blemishes, greasy skin and pimples. So if you are trying your hand’s different make-ups products, then here are some steps you must follow to look fresh and feel better.

After a clean shave, cleaning your skin is the way to start before applying Makeup. Wash your face with water and exfoliate. Now dry your face gently and moisturize your skin with Context oil free Moisturizer with SPF 15. Next, use a concealer for men to hide your under eye dark circles. Liquid Foundation for men is the best option to hide pimples, blemishes, uneven spots on the skin. As men have big pores owing to their beard and moustache.Couple it up with a lip balm or lip gloss to protect the skin from dryness and give you an extra fresh look. You can also use body self-tanning spray Europe’s best self tanning spray Jet Set Sun.

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