Lucky Symbols All Over the World


People have used lucky symbols for thousands to attract wealth and avoid evil for thousands of years. While some lucky symbols can be found across cultures, others are more specific to a particular culture.

These lucky symbols will help you stay safe and prosper.

Semi-precious Stones – natural crystals have the ability to increase positive spiritual energies. This is why they are used in making amulets. These amulets can be customized depending on the sign. They are made from minerals that produce special energy. The color of each stone is important to each sign.

Fish – This is the amulet that brings harmony and will provide strength and energy to reach all your goals.

Lucky bracelets are very popular today and contain a lucky symbol, red string, and/or a talisman.

Arrowhead – This is an amulet that can help us to avoid resentment. This charm is believed to be powerful and will help you impose authority on your opponents.

Lucky key – The key of life was the symbol of knowledge and luck for ancient Greeks. Three keys together are believed to unlock the doors to wealth, health, and love.

The skull, which is best known for its warning symbol, was used by ancient cultures to protect against disease and evil influences.

The sun is a talisman for fertility and good harvests. It also brings prosperity, happiness, and luck.

The angel, the symbol of the angel that is most commonly found in jewelry, is believed to bring luck and protect against evil spirits.

The Hamsa (or lucky hand) is a symbol for spiritual power, strength and protection. In Islamic countries, the lucky symbol of luck is the hand of Fatima, a daughter of Muhammad. Each finger represents a quality, such as faith, prayer and pilgrimage, charity, fasting, or prayer. Believers in Judaism believe that this symbol, “Miriam’s hand”, is blessed with good fortune.

Lucky horseshoe – A protective symbol against the evil eye/eye, the horseshoe, when placed upside-down, has a positive effect according to ancient legends.

Rudraksha – Rudraksha beads are one of the deities in the Hindu trinity. These amulets are powerful and can transmit spiritual power, fame, health, and material happiness.

The four-leaf clover is a lucky plant in Romanian realms. Its emerald-green tint and vigorous growth earned it respect in Celtic mythology. Each leaf represents a lucky characteristic: wealth, fame, love, and health.

A four-leaf clover is believed to be a superstition that allows the bearer to know that his loved one will return and protect him from evil spirits. A four-leaf clover is a symbol of happiness and good fortune.

The Tree of Life, a magical, magical tree that is well-known in many cultures dating back to ancient times, is the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a symbol of the nourishing aspects of life. It symbolizes spiritual and physical nourishment. The symbol of our connection to all things is the tree of life. It reminds us that our health and happiness are greatly dependent on others.

The owl is a powerful talisman as it represents Athena, the goddess of wisdom. It is also associated with intelligence, enlightenment, and intelligence. Feng Shui also considers the owl a significant symbol. It is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. This helps to disperse ignorance as well as develop career skills. The symbol of the owl can attract comfort and well-being, according to Feng Shui traditions.

Infinity, from the Latin infinitas – boundless, refers to a variety of concepts that are often related to the idea “endless” or the “greatest thing you can imagine.”

The number 8 is the most successful in numerology. This number is often associated with the infinity symbol. This symbol demonstrates the true power associated with this number, infinity and the ability of moving on indefinitely. The connection between heaven and Earth is represented by the two circles that make up the number 8.

Since ancient times, the horse has been a symbol for power, freedom, and elegance. Feng Shui, in practice and tradition, brings positive energies to Feng Shui that focus on success, authority and fame, well-being and luck.

The spider is an ancient symbol for mystery, power, and evolution.