Returning to Shape after Giving Birth


Many women dream of becoming mothers. It is hard to describe the joy a woman feels after seeing an ultrasound scan.

No one enjoys the pregnancy weight gain or stretch marks.

There are simple steps a woman can take to get her pre-pregnancy body back. Here are some tips for postpartum weight loss

Breastfeeding is a good option

Breastfeeding has many benefits for babies. Research has shown that breastfeeding babies are healthier and have stronger immune systems.

Breastfeeding can also help women lose up to 500 calories. This can make it easier for them to return to their pre-pregnancy weight.


For mothers to have a healthy weight, exercise is a must.

It can help you burn calories and build lean muscle. Normal deliveries allow women to begin exercising two weeks after giving birth.

Before becoming active again, however, a woman needs to consult her doctor.

A new baby can make it difficult for women to exercise. There are many creative ways new mothers can fit in some exercise.

A mother can take her child along for a jog. There are even strollers made for jogging.

You might also consider purchasing exercise DVDs or equipment for mothers to work out at home.

Daily household chores like mopping, dusting, and sweeping can also burn calories. Women should exercise at least 30 minutes each day.

Be healthy

Experts agree that the best way to have a healthy body is in the kitchen. Women should be very careful about what they eat.

Limit the intake of foods high in sodium, saturated fat, sugar, and cholesterol. Women should eat plenty of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and other fiber-rich foods.

New mothers should also ensure that they are drinking right. Women who consume a lot of sugar-containing drinks will have difficulty losing weight.

Women who drink a lot of water will find it easier to return to their pre-pregnancy weight. Water helps to increase metabolism and is a natural fat burner.

While having a baby can change a woman’s entire life, it doesn’t have to be permanent.

Birth does not just change the physical appearance of a woman. It also has an impact on her emotional estate. Some mothers find the mentioned activities a tremendous help.

Breastfeeding, exercising and eating a healthy diet are all ways women can return to pre-pregnancy sizes.