Planning An Awesome Stag Night In London: Do’s And Don’ts


It is that time again! One of your boys is getting married and it is up to you to put up memorable stag night for him and the blokes. So how do you pull one off seamlessly? There is more to stag nights than just drinking and carousing (although the two do play a significant role). Thinking through the details is the key to getting the stag night right. Follow these simple tips and pull of an awesome stag night that you and your pals will remember for years to come.

Get The Venue Right

Stag nights are about location. This what determines what you can do or can’t do and eventually can make or break the night. There are no set rules about this. A stag night can just as easily be in an open field (although you might struggle to find such in London) or in a glitzy hotel. It can also be in a private residence. Your choice of location determines your budget, your transportation logistics and your entertainment options. In essence, the venue is the key that then allows you to make all the other arrangements.

For example, if the stag night is in a private residence, you might have to make arrangement with a supplier to deliver drinks (or get your boys to come with drinks). This however would be unnecessary if the stag night is being held in a pub.

Get Transportation Right

One of the easiest thing to overlook is how your guests will get to the party and back. The simplest and most problem-free solution is to bus everyone to the venue. This allows for the party to start on the way and continue on the way back. It also makes transport much easier as you don’t have to worry about parking. There are cheap London coach hireservices available, should you decide to go down this road.

Remember To Get The Groom Back!

This is especially important if the wedding is to take place the day after the stag night. As much as you may look forward to a night of fun with the boys, remember that the wedding trumps it all. No need to have a great stag night only to ruin the wedding. Ensure that the groom is home in time to get some rest (or at least to clean up) in time for his big day.

Get Help If Need Be

If you are thinking of an intricate stag night involving multiple suppliers, it might not be a bad idea to get professional help. Event organizers work with such suppliers and have well-establishedtrade connections that could help you. These include links with hotels, drink suppliers and entertainers. Event organizers can help take the headaches of planning the event away from you and deliver an outstanding stag night for you and your boys.

Stag nights are about having lots of fun and giving your friend a great send off. With a little thought and planning, you can set up an awesome stag party for your blokes.