Pallet Repair Equipment and Tools


Do you want to open a pallet recycling company? These are the essentials you need to start your pallet recycling company.

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Pry Bars

The popular tool to remove pallet boards is the pry bar. It can be used without any automated pallet disassembly equipment. The duckbill and double fork are the most common pry bars. The duckbill is ideal for moving the leadboard from the pallet’s edge without causing damage to the wood. To remove interior deck boards, the double fork prybar is used. Its effectiveness depends on the bar’s heel resting on top of the stringer. The forks then move under the next board using leverage and rip it from the stringer.

Air Compressor

A stationary compressor is required to power pneumatic equipment commonly found in pallet repair shops, such as nailing tools and chop saws. It should be strong enough to power the pneumatic equipment requirements of your business. These compressors, which are oil-free and piston-style, have become very popular. These compressors will not require oil to operate, but you should still check the operation manual. Your business’s air supply is vital. Keep this in mind when maintaining your unit’s air supply.

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Nail Equipment

Pneumatic nailing equipment is essential for pallet repairs. A basic hammer should be heavier than a framing or framing hammer. This will allow you to drive nails into hardwood. It is possible for larger operators of pneumatic nailing equipment to reduce costs by purchasing their tools and supplies. Many smaller companies take advantage of the services offered by nail vendors to maintain and supply nailing tools in exchange for buying nails from them.

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Pallet Repair Work Station

The pallet repair station is designed to increase the efficiency and ergonomics of pallet repair. Pallet repair tables that are simple allow workers to work at a comfortable height. This reduces fatigue and strain. A rotating top allows the worker to spin the table more easily to reach the other side of the pallet, reducing the need for the worker to stretch out. Alternately, a table with a rotating top can be used to spin the pallet.

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Stringer Platers, Trim Saws and Chop Saws

The use of trim saws is important for cutting down pallet components as well as other pieces of recycled or new lumber that can be used to fix pallets. Recycled lumber can be cut down to reduce the need for pallet repair parts and thus lowers the repair cost. For pallet stringer repair, chop saws can be used to cut stringers into shorter lengths. A plater is a better method for stringer repair. A plater can attach steel plates to the cracks in the stringer. This allows for quick and economical repair. Some plates are stationary while others can be used with a balancer.