Five Tips–Straight From Travel Agents Best Travel-Planning


Make sure to have spare copies of the passport

Two copies of all important ID documents should be made. Put your passport in the hotel safe. Keep one copy with yourself and the other with you. Saurabh Jindal from Talk Travel Agents App states, “You might need them at the most surprising places to prove you credentials.”

For large amounts of money, visit supermarkets.

Jindal suggests that you exchange small denominations of cash in advance or at the ATM. Also, cashiers and self-service machines at supermarkets can often open large currency notes which small vendors aren’t typically able to accept.

Remember to account for jet lag.

It is important to adjust your body and mind to the new time zone after a long-haul flight. It means that you should take a walk in the sunshine and avoid booking any strenuous activities on the first day. Franke advises that it is important to plan ahead so you can have more flexibility at your beginning and less rigidly scheduled activities at your end.

Travel Agents Before you go, make sure your house is clean.

It is not fun to return home to a mess after a vacation of a lifetime. Dahmen states, “Before you go on holiday, make certain that your house is cleaned and tidy.” Although it is one last step, it can make it easier when you return from your trip.

Hire a Travel Agents advisor.

This tip is the most popular among agents. It will help you save time, money, as well as gain exclusive experiences. Jessica Copquin, Tzell Travel Group’s luxury travel advisor, suggests that you work with a trusted advisor to book your hotel. It may provide some complimentary amenities. To ensure that our VIP travelers are treated well, as advisors, we always send a note directly to the hotel when a booking is confirmed. Working with an advisor can also be a benefit as you will receive exceptional service while on vacation. You have the option to hire an advisor for specific reservations (e.g. restaurants) or for your entire vacation itinerary.

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